Shiny lies and why usury matters

The post theBlind Spot (updated) on L’Hote by Freddie deBoer became a new favorite blog – I found it in a blog by Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism.

The blogs are beginning to cross into the sphere of concern where I live.

I came to the social justice movement late. After escaping nearly certain poverty and abuse I increasingly wanted to give back to those who were like me. We who had mostly well meaning working class parents but were lacking in important social and interpersonal skills to protect us from the predators and how to take charge of our lives.  Many of us have needed help at one time or another and we work to make sure that there is a safety net for the many who lives take a detour on the road to an authentic life. Somtimes we need foodstamps, and apparently so does JP Morgan Chase with contracts for foodstamp debit cards in 26 states, but I digress…

The system of social welfare in the US was never meant to be institutional – but it became so because nearly every profit making institution were opposed to economically enfranchising the poor and minorities (Intially and directly, eventually big business has become the defacto administrator of both the cash and nutrition assistance benefit systems for the very poor).  The institutional racism of the US still lives  but the social welfare system turned the recipients, both white and those of color, to wage slaves through welfare reform. That group of poor people came into the labor force in 1997 and onward. The elite helped create a new generation of wage slaves, and then opened up usurious credit programs to take the even small disposable income that the new wage slaves were receiving. Not only did these rental centers, pay day loans, title loans and the like take any disposable income a worker might aggregate but they put them in debt.  Debt the worker can never repay as compounded interest makes the rates climb into the thousands of percent in some cases. Can you imagine a payday loan with interest of 3,000 percent?

Usury makes no sense to anyone but a dominator. Why would you as a creditor need to keep a customer in your debt for years or a lifetime of work? The only explanation is that the dominators want every to deplete the economic power of every income level so they may live as Kings. Really I mean Kings.  Palaces, servants, airplanes private tutors, are the trappings of royalty. Our own elite dominate the masses so they may live as royalty and far removed from the lives of the masses they depend on for their wealth.

But the wage slave is disposable. The US is losing the race to the bottom, and now our own workers can look to the wages of China or former Soviet Republic countries and our poor look remarkably similar.  Look how good you have it here you $7.50 an hour lucky fuck. So really enjoy it, every bit of it.

Until we can honestly look at our economic system, and stop the looting we will continue to become wage slaves. But as usual and as mentioned by Yves and Freddie – the left our criticisms, our suggestions and our truths will be ignored and denied in favor of the shiny lies of neo liberal capitalism served up by the media. They are so pretty and make us all feel so much better.


2 Comments to “Shiny lies and why usury matters”

  1. Looking outside our selves for help means surrendering control. No matter how little we make there is someone making less. If we lived like that “someone making less” we would be able to step away from payday loans, rental centers, and all the rest. We have the power and control. Never feel like someone else controls you.

    The term “wage slaves” is a misnomer. Slaves aren’t paid wages. Again, any wage you accept is your choice. Do not surrender your self-control. Acknowledge you accepted your wages and acknowledge you need to figure out a way to get better wages, if that is your choice.

    • I’m not asking for advice. I also don’t believe that we are always in complete control of our circumstances. This is mostly making observations using figures of speech.

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