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July 12, 2017

White Supremacy (Overt & Covert)

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A helpful visual on race floating around social media:

White Supremacy Visual

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July 6, 2017

A little God, a little faith…

What do you know? I know this is a plum bs life for most people, but fortunately they have god, only rich people are atheists, or at least comfortable middle class. That is because we marvel and wonder at the universe until we become banal and bourgeois. Once we are comfortable it’s easy to say there is not a god because it all looks pretty fucking grim from that point on. What is the point of working the whole life, and see no escape but death? But death comes not soon for the middle class with good teeth and an education under their belt and live on to feel the constant crush of materialism and its insanity makes one hate god more each day.

The poor on the other hand find miracles, that they count as a gift from some invisible and yet beneficent being who comes through at the right time just when everything is about to go splat. The rent, help by family, the car, neighbor gives a ride, the kid, somebody watches them for a few hours while you apply for a job, or work all weekend. These little kindnesses make no sense in a harsh world so there must be some explanation, and a nice deity works well there.

So don’t be so down on people who have God, they just expect things to happen, don’t see the universe as a giant cause and effect machine that throws down the good and the bad with no reason, no explanation.  For the atheist there is always luck, chance you know the old 50% rule, heads or tails. So there is no god for that, at least as far as I know. Which may seem more logical, more certain that a god who helps when the time is right, or for whatever or any  or no reason at all.

Amen and The End.