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November 25, 2014

Imagine: Darren Wilson has no gun, Mike Brown Lives

Darren Wilson is patrolling Ferguson. He pulls onto Canfield Drive in his Police car. He sees two young black me walking in the road. They are Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson. Wilson pulls up alongside them, “Hey Niggers get on the sidewalk”. Brown and Johnson keep walking. Wilson says, “I said get on the effing sidewalk.” and pulls next to Brown who is closest to his SUV. “You get out of the road cop”, Brown retorts. Now Wilson’s vehicle is very close to Brown, close enough that Wilson and Brown can make physical contact. Wilson leans out of the vehicle and repeats his command, “I said get out of the road before I make you.” Wilson slams on the brakes opens the door hitting Brown, Brown hits him once a blow to the face. Wilson is now enraged yelling, “You stupid nigger, now you are in trouble,” and jumps out of the vehicle. Brown realizes he may be in trouble and quickly moves away from the vehicle. Now Wilson is out of the car and chasing Brown. Brown is hit confused trying to get away backing up then running. Wilson shoots hits Brown in the head and abdomen, Brown doubles over. Wilson pushes him to the ground and gets behind him with handcuffs. Wilson picks up Brown just as other officers arrive on the scene. They put Brown in the back of the car and take him to the Police station for processing.

Is this over-reach? Are the cops looking for reasons to harass young black men? Was Darren Wilson able to handle this? Is Mike Brown alive? All these answers are YES.

Why do we let scared and unprepared men police our communities?