On being cool: Selfie with James Franco and a video I made in NY City

I always wanted to be cool. Fuck good jobs I want to see cool musicians and artists and read poetry. This was my day to be cool in New York. We happened upon the line waiting to meet James Franco outside the theater where he plays George in a production of Mice and Men. Incidentally a long time ago a high school friend and I acted out the murder scene in o f Mice and Men in a duet acting competition. But I digress…Franco’s security and handlers ordered everyone to take selfies. I observed him very closely and he is cool, he even had some paint on his jeans. I wore shades and ironically, a pineapple shirt…

Grace and Jen w James Franco

Grace and Jen w James Franco

That night Amy and I walked from 52nd and 8th to Columbus Circle in Central Park. We looked for but didn’t find a liquor store but CVS had an appropriate selection of single beers and hard lemonade. We grabbed a couple in paper bags and walked to Central Park. After sitting on the grass for a bit we switched to a bench. Amy screeched jumped on the bench, she said a rat scurried out from under the bench. Rat company meant time to move on and I downed the beer. On the way back we searched for a private motel downtown so we walked through the Broadway District and found the best all night burrito place ever.

Then I made a video of our walk through the night, doing what you do in NY, being cool. Being cool in NY Amy and Jen


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