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April 27, 2014

Tory Burch flats

Tori Burch flats

I saw her shoes,
they were Tory Burch.
she saw my shoes,
they were not.
I thought it might
be possible to
take a picture of
them both,
under the table
on the Acela train.
But that does
not seem right,
or does it?

Perhaps there
would be a fight,
a dramatic scene.
An invasion of
personal space,
a breach
of the Tory Burch
code of ethics.
Her lawyer would
“this heinous act,
should not go
And the papers
would read,
“The one percenter
who sues
over shoes.”
That’s not funny,
it’s just mean,
or is it?

But if our shoes
sat side by side
on this day,
it could mean more.
Can we measure our
equalities in
Are naked feet
of any value to
other than those
who stand on them?

What kind of
work gets done in
Tory Burch flats?
You know the ones
with the faux gold,
faux buckle.
Faux, faux, faux
but not real
still costs a lot
of money.
And they are not
good for running,
or farming.

If we lined up all
the Tory Burch flats
toe to heel,
would it go all
the way around the
Or be just long
enough to make
a chain from here
to a factory
somewhere in China.
How many pairs
of Tori Burch flats
would it take
to send a child
to college,
or feed starving
children in Africa,
or India, or America?
If there were ever
rationing due to a
shortage of natural resources,
who decides?
How many Tory Burch flats
should each one percenter get?
What is fair?
That’s not cruel,
it’s just the truth,
or is it?

April 22, 2014

Holidays and autism: free-to-be age inappropriate

The amazing Diane and Brent. I wish we had more people in this world like them.

Juniper Hill Farms

Yesterday morning, Brent arrived at the main house at 700 AM to search for hidden easter eggs, something he has done with our family for 25 years.  He wore bunny ears, and found every egg but one (hard-boiled, and yet to be found, ugh) of the 3 dozen we colored the evening before.  His giant Easter basket (another 25 year old tradition) contained all the usual chocolate eggs and bunnies, jolly rancher jelly beans, and a few kitschy plastic Easter toys… but the best part these days are the things that he buys himself, wraps up, and gives to us the week before, to make sure the ‘easter bunny’ puts them in his basket.

Brent as a Hershey’s Kiss

As he has gotten older, he has taken matters into his own hands, refusing to take any chances that the holidays won’t happen the way he wants them to. He spent…

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April 19, 2014

You will never be a famous poet

No you will never
be as brilliant
as Ginsburg
sat for one moment.

Forgive yourself,
it was never meant
to be,
you and poetry.

These days you
curse, are sublime
to the lesser kind,
the fool,
the knave,
the private.

Expect everything,
nothing is enough,
but you will be
caught off guard
by death and
whomever you may be.