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January 22, 2014

The pathology of commercial man.

Davos Man

January 15, 2014

I can only see this much from the waves

It’s true. When you swim in the ocean your perspective changes. Once you get out past the swell you have to swim. I swim straight out from the beach and look back, everything seems the same but smaller and I’m getting pulled north by the slight rip current. But when I face the ocean and try to see beyond the wave I’m riding it is disorienting. I can’t see much from that viewpoint, the ocean is on all three sides and I feel like I’m in a small valley with water walls. So how can I expect to plot a course? How can I see that there is an end to the seemingly endless sea? I can’t, it’s not possible because my perspective has changed because I’m in the water. Oh,from the shore I can see other swimmers out in the deep, swimming, I can see how far from shore they are, I can see if they are floating or diving under, I can see if they are swimming along the coast or just playing in the waves, but I can’t see that from the water. I’m in and there is no objectivity, the water is overwhelming, it is too powerful and no matter how hard I try, I can only see behind me.

Cape Henlopen the point October 26 2013

When you are in the midst of this life, it’s hard to see from the depth of your situation. When you wade into the water, it looks so serene and it’s hard to remember the immense power it can have over your entire existence. You feel surrounded by problems, debt, conflicts, disappointment, so what do you do? Keep swimming into the expanse? Or keep the shore in your sights, take the waves, dive into the deep, enjoy the ride?

At different times I have tried different strategies with the ocean. Sometimes I get in and realize it’s too rough and get right out. Other days I may take a few smack downs into the shore by waves that I challenge, they always win. One time I decided to see how far I could swim in a minute and counted to sixty while I swam away from the shore. You can never tell how warm the water is just by looking so you have to get in, and I’ve tested with myself 55 degree water, not bad if you can stand it for a few minutes. The swim is different every time.

Every day I have to remind myself that I can only see so much of everything. My perspective is subjective and I am not at the center of everything, it only seems that way because so much is obscured from my view. The motives, the actions, the dreams, the inactions of all of us in the water make up this ocean. I don’t control the weather, the individual drops of water, the grains of sand or the creatures that I may come into contact with here. But I can decide how much I can take, why I want to be there and what happens to me during the swim.

No matter what kind of wave you are riding, no matter what kind of current you find, no matter the depth or cold we are all in the water. You just can’t see us from the waves.