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September 17, 2013

I won’t, I won

I won’t say anything again

It all sounds like lies anyway

Because the truth fell off.

And the tearing sound

Thousands of bad looks

Years of self-induced melancholia

Drastic self-immolation made

The holy man special.

Patron Saint of Light

Shine on my everything

Make my lies beautiful

Perfect sunsets over white sand beaches

Mountain pools of opalescent blue

The Hope Diamond.

A look into inside

Trying for extreme comfort

Just wait until it dies

Or drop it off at the dry cleaners

Look at you now

Still waiting.

The bus won’t come

The dishes wont get done

The nurses are busy

And we can’t get better soon

You said so aka religion.

But it’s not done

We are still entrenched

Our minds steel

Against the truth messages

We see the unseen

The real all acting.

Until, until it

Gives the last line

The doors close on

The hands of change

And love departs

For other worlds, lands

Beyond our reach.

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