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May 25, 2013

I have 1,005 followers on Twitter

One of my personal social media goals has been to get 1,000 followers on Twitter. Yes I imagined myself the celestial giant of the #twittersphere..master of the #twitterverse. So I listened to a SEO Social Media guru for a second, and of course had to throw out some of his advice, don’t post anything controversial blah, blah, blah. What is the point of being a #twitterati if you can’t be edgy and shit? Moving forward I tended to my Twitter account, and followed lots of other people who followed me and at about 800 followers the numbers started increasing noticeably, especially among marketing types as there are some kind of formulas that determine the extended networks you reach that is a free way to advertise their stuff. I post a lot of stuff from financial news and poverty related stories. The gap in inequality is growing and I hope to be demonstrating the enormity of it and suggest we do something to change course toward a more just world for the most who live in desperation, hunger and violence. To change the world through 1,000 followers on Twitter, yes I can. Well I became most engaged on Twitter during the Arab Spring 2011. It was amazing watching it unfold on Twitter and so I followed many activists from Tunisia, Egypt, and other North African and Middle Eastern countries. Then I went back to my social justice themes and kept getting followers, except that I kept getting unfollowed, by prostitutes, bizness types and people I offended. So it was slow going through the 800-900s. Recently I have been getting some mentions and retweets so I used that as a opportunity to reach out to more twitterers. Then I followed an Arabic dude and that was the key to my success, once his friends saw me following then they followed me and so on an so forth and they gave me the last 10 or 15 followers I needed to reach 1,000.  And now I have 1,005 followers on Twitter thanks to the Arab dudes. I hope that gets me on a watch list! 😉Image