Stink bugs and lucid dreaming

There are things that we never want to touch.  Dead things, fecal matter, menses, vomit, some despise touching insects and spiders. This dream had a common east coast pest the stink bug as my untouchable. I walked in the room and could see the stink bugs were swarming outside of the window. I said to the woman, wow that is intense, and she said I know. Then I turned to my left and could see a small swarm of stink bugs in the room, thinking that they must be a reflection of the outer world I reached out and waved my hand through them and they were real, it felt like butterflies. They were a hologram, a picture floating in space that came into reality upon my touch.

Why stinkbugs? I’m pretty sure that they represent an untouchable for me, and my concerns and fears of self contamination, of becoming stinky. They have become a problem here out east, as an invasive species of stink bug is infiltrating nearly every home and showing up in the most irritating places. They like fabric so you can find one when you get out a tablecloth or in a pile of laundry. They seem to like it clean. It is also a symbol of something being hidden a secret. I like having secrets but they scare me.


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