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December 28, 2011

The Golden Era of the US or Social Darwinists siren song?

Take me back to a time when people were responsible for themselves, they didn’t need a nanny government to take care of them now did they?

OK lets do go back in time. Oh you don’t remember how Slavery was made illegal because Christians deemed it sinful and immoral even though it was highly profitable. It was legal to buy and sell people against their will until all slaves were freed by the Emancipation proclamation in January 1863. You slave owners did such a great job of – being slave owners you sadistic creeps.

Let’s use another example from that period and how good those times were for Americans. Yes women can own property now – precious, precious, precious (Gollum) property. But it wasn’t until  1870 and the married women property act that we acquired the right to property we worked for.  Boy I bet some of you would love to go back to that now.

But more good times were still ahead. The anti-child slavery and labor movement started as early as the 1830s, but sanctions against purchasing child made goods did not pass in the US until under FDR in the 1930s. Good times for children indeed.  Closing schools and letting kids go hungry now will force many into poverty and forced work.

Hey working people, yes you had it really good back in the Golden Era of workers. Workers did not get a 40 hour work week until 1915, and eventually deferred compensation and health care. But Black people were still treated like slaves, and not allowed to vote.

Speaking of voting – yes we have a great republic here where all of us can vote for the candidate of our choosing, well sort of. Women got to vote in 1920 two years after women in Azerbaijan, and African Americans not freely until 1965 – incidentally the same year as Medicare and other Great Society programs became law. But hey, lets go back to when people just didn’t need the Government, when was that again?

But really my favorite part is the part where capitalists believe, yes believe that they by their own effort and without the help of any other being amassed their wealth. Because you know the individual is the source of all prosperity and any cooperative or community efforts are well, communism. Yes scary woooo, communism. Like when we joined together in colonial America, forming townships. Hey its easier if we all throw in right? Or should each of us have our own individual fire department, police department, and bank. Because really the individual doesn’t need the government right?

Speaking of banks, they claim that they are private? Not so, if they were why did the US bail them out? Because that’s our fucking money in there, that’s why. And we pay dearly to let people keep our money.  So don’t let them tell you they are making money because they “We are just that good”, its a lie. Read something like this to get a grip on reality – “Every financial institution is at heart a hybrid public-private partnership, which becomes obvious when a crisis hits and the banks come crying to the government to fulfill a lender of last resort role.  It’s even more obvious when you look at a dollar bill, and you realize it is a liability owed to the taxpayer.  What that means is that either the public controls banks or banks control the public.”

I’m still looking for that Golden era, was it when women and people of color were chattel, or African Americans could not vote, or when we had child labor or when Nixon effectively ended national drug rehabilitation? Boy was that helpful, and since I’ve two brothers who are crack addicts I can tell you how helpful it has been. Or was it when family farms got repossessed in the 1980s effectively killing rural life for many? I’m looking, I’m looking but I’m not finding….