Filling the Void

Why is it that modern life in the US seems to be so full? That is an illusion of course. There is space between everything, just ask any quantum physicist. The illusion is pretty convincing until you look closely.

Most Americans get up, drink coffee, get news and go to work. Or so it seems – all society caters to that illusion of busy, busy go forth and be productive. Contemplation is for sissys, those who cannot do – lurk. And the successful people are very shiny and clean in their new cars and clothes so it must be good to be a busy busy productive successful person.

So why are the prophetic voices, our psyches, the songs telling us another story? Words of discontent fill pages of books, and electronic waves of derision for the status quo are filling our e media screens. Hidden solutions are unveiled every day – and the path of evolutionary zeitgeist is burning its trail into our world without permission. Folks across the world protesting and going to jail, yes dying for their beliefs, recognition for all humanity, despite the marriage of William of England.

Where is all this non reality reality coming from? Our traditional sources of information play endless tracks of corporate propaganda portraying the shiny people so free from the conundrum of the working life or working lie as it should be called. The lie of work to be good is a worm in the brain of our souls. Yes there is much to be done, but there is much more done solely for the cause of greed, for and directed by the wealthmongers, for them rich is not rich enough.

Can you eat the worm? If you do it will come out the other end as all good meals do. Then you can wipe yourself clean and do the work, the life that can truly fill you. The void is waiting, bon appetit.

(Disclaimer – no scientific theories were harmed during the composition of this note)


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