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Tax is also the nexus between state and citizen, and tax revenues are the lifeblood of the social contract: the very act of taxation has profoundly beneficial effects in fostering better and more accountable government.



Tax is the most important, the most beneficial, and the most sustainable source of finance for development. Tax revenue in Africa, for example, is worth ten times the value of foreign aid. The long-term goal of poor countries must be to replace foreign aid dependency with tax self-reliance. As th
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      Shireman Futurefivehundred Taxation is considered by many smart and thoughtful people to be theft. I’m not saying that is what I think. I think smart taxation and a resonable tax code makes sense especially when it comes to carbon. But I have heard the argument made-fairly well that taxation is just a form of “tribute” to the powerful. Just a thought. But an interesting one. 

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      Jennifer A Hill 

      There is a long debate about taxation. Yes it goes back to our earliest organized govts. The US elite and some fundamentalist has an obsession with personal property as the most important expression of human worth. This is very distorted an…d not rational. But the domination of others is not rational and those who are not white male and christian have had to fight for even the most basic rights in our country. (Votes, right to own property, right to freedom, right to birth control) So its expected that the elite will continue to rationalize their position to keep their wealth at all costs. How else can they convince us that their perversion is a truth?See More
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      Jennifer A Hill 

      These are all my opinions. Its just these are also themes running through the entire recorded history of our species. So I feel that our current circumstances are only a repetition of the past, nothing particularly extraordinary about our a…ge. That is not to say we are unable to change but it seems that man has great difficulty w/ controlling his propensity for domination. Because of that we get civilizations that rationalize their oppression and it sounds good because they are appealing to the most base nature of humans. Its easy to go from hypothalamus demands to the urge to dominate as part of the survival mechanism. We need more than well spoken clean business people. At least some of us do.See More
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