Sick of sick

another day in the trance of materialism, the dominance of capitalism, the abuse of power the disenfranchisement of our selves from our selves, from each other from the planet triteyess

no i’m irritable and hopeful, kinda hateful and a little agitated between the OM peace and visual hallucinations auditory stimulations and rude awakening lack of REM again

pardon the president be there you faggot and nevermind the rest over the purposeful into the manipulator and out of the best, the democratic, the self determination the abyss of soliloquy

Monologue and monotheism and monotone but don’t be an idiot and conform to teaparty patriots on the cover of SPLC reports, my country where are you, where where where

A stroke of unconciousness and loss of function then hobble hobble slur slur deovoid absent and empty refill the cup of gladness

My never never Peter kept up at night constant constitution and shipwrecks treasure and ever pertinent facts to enlighten, and facts and facts and facts and facts and facts and facts……

After then we parted and wholed but always dancing and glancing stepping and circling and ever ever ever ever ever your leg behind mine

So long then and now we know is there yes we made is and we take was and we live we live we live we live we live in notes and strokes and clicks and then and then and then and then and then

And then.


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