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August 23, 2010

Sunday Morning Blowout on Church Street

Driving back from the store I pulled up to the stop sign at corner of Casho Mill and Church road and could see something was wrong. This is the intersection a few houses down from mine, and cars often slam their brakes with a loud squeal because folks don’t observe the posted speed limit, 30mph. Apparently that is what happened right before I came on the scene. There was a large truck with a smaller sedan immediately behind it, with only inches to spare between the two – and two gentlemen (using that term loosely) standing in the opposite lane, and it looked to me like the two guys were about to duke it out. I started to get concerned and after stopping pulled along side them and thankfully they were heading to their cars, still yelling. Here’s what they said as I passed, truck guy,”You need to go to church,”, sedan guy, “no I don’t need to go to church, you need to go to church.” And as they were getting into their respective vehicles I yelled out the window, “God Bless.” Then I got a really good laugh and parked in the driveway.