OIL spill hate

It is May 4th,  a few days since the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico blew up. Now it looks like we could be facing one of the most horrible environmental crises of our generation. In fact it could be the end of us – if the oceans die we surely will die also. How does that make me feel? I’m fucking pissed. Watching corporate America fuck up the world is just the last straw.

In case you didn’t notice the corps as I’ll refer to them have already collapsed the economy once this decade. They have no values, no sense of responsibility, no accountability and now nowhere to go. Yet they are allowed to go on business as usual. This may collapse New Orleans, and other areas of the Gulf that depend on fishing and tourism. Who wants to go to an oily beach? What are people who’ve spent their whole lives living off of the ocean supposed to do?

So the oil gas and financial corps have kept renewable energy technologies from getting the funding they need so we can keep pumping. We must demand that they change now – We must change now! @#$%!!!!


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