Homage to Jane Roberts; Waking thoughts

My mornings dark promise

silently waits on the

voice of daybreak and

call of birds who swim

in the light filled sky.

Great schools of seamless motion

a thought takes shape

it undulates and dives

for a moment, going here

flying there with great

precision and then

disperses, comes to rest

until another forms,

all the day through

feeding, composing, resting

until light again must go

and then back to secret

place like the birds-

we do not see them

when sleep comes and

nights darkness overtakes.


2 Comments to “Homage to Jane Roberts; Waking thoughts”

  1. Your poetry connects to life like I do…and its comforting.

    One of them reminds me of how much more challenging it is to have compassion for the privileged and yet because they are so pron to pride and arrogance and are rarely held to account for the drama they create….its all the more important to be full of compassion and a bit of something more….but what I’m still not sure.

    Love you dearly!
    Thanks for sharing

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