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October 20, 2008

Homage to Jane Roberts; Waking thoughts

My mornings dark promise

silently waits on the

voice of daybreak and

call of birds who swim

in the light filled sky.

Great schools of seamless motion

a thought takes shape

it undulates and dives

for a moment, going here

flying there with great

precision and then

disperses, comes to rest

until another forms,

all the day through

feeding, composing, resting

until light again must go

and then back to secret

place like the birds-

we do not see them

when sleep comes and

nights darkness overtakes.

October 20, 2008

Ending Epic poem: Postmodern Epitaph

The great design for my life

Turned out to have flaws

that brought about a result

of both triumph and tragedy

life breeds

life bleeds

life believes.

Living, living in

lines wait we prepare

to become, to receive

a thing is built

this life.

When you look at it

long enough it appears

as though there is something there,

a sidelong, sideways glance

you thought that you

saw something there

the distortions

make a clear picture

unavailable at this time.

Maybe a description

will work better

chronologies are popular

great events, accomplishments

form expectations

from expectations

many beautiful memoirs

recountings, myths

we have to copy,

adapt, tame, re-frame

at our disposal.

The story

becomes reality

and outlives

its purpose

we forget

the nowness of new

and the holiness of our awareness

in every moment

trading it away

for visceral whips and tears

clinging fears

our dear companion and friend

crutch, friend, crutch.

Reflection on victim

self disintegration

self denigration

self detestation

and back again,


momentary nirvana

lapsing enlightenment

into entropic

spiritual progress.

Self acceptance

and appreciation

in the liquor store

and hands in pants

sex addicts,

heroin addicts,

crack addicts,

I’m a living addict

I’m addicted to living

this life of poor design

and unmitigated

use of poor judgement

and unbelievable

success with little or no effort

and the ability

to forget it all

and believe something new

each day

be something new

each day.

Pretend, play

act like your

having fun

after a few beers,

and cops like

rough sex

but we all do.

October 20, 2008

Poem: Observations on the privileged (The irritable rantings of my soul)

You know the type

Virgin teas and soon to bees

politically correct gear

snobby SOBs

believe they are

“the people”

school costs

100 G’s

clashing here

and there

over dining, silverware

brandishing french wines

drinking polyester absitnence

and denial of God,

devil may care.

You just saw it,

the dawn,

it came and went

looking on

but no vision,

lack of inner voice

advocates of choice

and slimmer thighs,

alcohol highs

or whatever their

money buys.

We can’t relent

Mr. President cause

when its our turn

we’re hell bent to

put back the money

you spent

to make our trust funds richer

and never give it back

to the folks who lost it all

while Ken Lay made

a call to W.

Don’t worry,

your next in line

who wants to be a millionaire?

Everythings fine

things have never

been so swell,

cursing, lying, rot in hell.

My funny valentine

dies of AIDS

in the empty mall

you can’t arrest me

for sleeping in

the custodians closet

but maybe for

credit card fraud.

So Mr. Rogers died

little white child pride

kindness isn’t cool

so don’t

remind me of it.

My heart, my heart

your ignorance

is breaking me,

my love, my love

God’s grace its

saving us all-

its taking me-

aboveĀ it all.