Is that stock option in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Money and the relentless pursuit of money may be the central conflict of our generation. In fact it has at times taken over my life, making everything in my life less sweet, taking sleep from the night and bringing anxiety attacks during the commute.  We want it all but struggle to get it all and the more we get the bigger our bills grow. I admit that I’m looking for a way to make money without the usual work involved. I admit that I’m only a step above taking money for sex.

But really isn’t that what marriage is all about? A contractual agreement by which the white male shares of his privileged ability to generate a good income to a woman who can provide a sexual outlet and other amenities? The woman also receives the protection that his gender provides.  Yes and if she can procreate,  well that’s worth its weight in gold eh?

Women often struggle to make money. Its not just the gender pay equity gap either, its that many women want to do jobs that no one else does. Caring for others is something natural for women and unfortunately that just doesn’t pay well. So getting married is often a good deal for women who can take care of people and have someone else work in the marketplace.  For most of us – caring for others is great but it can get claustrophobic and boring.

Working is far more interesting but has its own costs. Hold up your hand if you work for a big Corporation like GE.  Now – I have a question what is that about? Do you think about what it might be like to actually do something meaningful? I don’t know what that means to you, maybe selling sports tickets or playing computer games, it could be riding your bike around and writing little stories about the adventures you’ve had or maybe something really difficult like solving global warming.

We have all come to the point of working to support this capitalist system without considering that there may be other options. NOT communism. That is not what I’m talking about. I am talking about rethinking, reconsidering and rewriting our approach to making a living. Can we Stop the Insanity of prostituting ourselves for money? Do we have the moral fiber to live differently no matter what our corporate conscience says? Hard to say at this point.

I know a lot of unhappy people who have good paying jobs but hate their lives. They keep working hard and being miserable. Buying stuff just doesn’t cut it and when you arrive at the level where your mortgage payment controls what kind of job you have – well it seems like we’ve entered our own private Guantanamo.  Is there a way out? Not sure but looking and I’ll give you the lowdown when I get there.


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